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Tissue Conditioner:

Home Care:

  • No eating for 30 minutes after the placement of the tissue conditioner

  • Use lukewarm water only when cleaning the denture while this material is in place.

  • Dentures can be soaked in denture cleaning solution no longer than 30 mins.

Tissue conditioner is used in an effort to restore the health of your tissues for the denture foundation.

The material will remain in your denture for 7 days after which time, mast impressions will be taken to start the fabrication of your dentures.

Tissue conditioner is also used to extend the borders of your current denture in areas that are currently not being utilized. These areas can be aide in providing the maximum retention of the new or about to be relined denture(s).

We also use tissue conditioning material with immediate dentures. It helps with the fit of the dentures during the healing process of the extraction sites before a hard reline is required.

Please Remember!

Tissue conditioner is NOT A PERMSNENT SOLUTION!

It needs to be monitored and/or changed regularly.

Please Read!

This material takes 24 hours to completely set/harden. Before you leave from the tissue conditioner appointment, we will attempt to smooth out any material that may have flowed over the borders of your denture that may cause some minor discomfort. Should you still require an adjustment the following day to smooth any rough edges, please simply stop by the clinic. No appointment necessary. 

Helpful Tips

  1. Eat soft foods for 2 days and then start to increase toughness 

  2. Place even amounts of food on both sides of your mouth at the same time to balance chewing functions

  3. Cut food into small pieces and take small bites

  4. If you are not wearing dentures due to a problem area/sore spot, please wear them before your adjustment appointment to allow the denturist to visibly see the irritation on your tissues and solve whatever issues you are experiencing.

  5. Clean your dentures after each meal or whenever next possible,

  6. Always place your dentures in water if they will be out of your mouth for an extended period of time.

  7. It's always best to leave your dentures out at night while sleeping. This allows your tissues a chance to breathe.

  8. NEVER attempt to adjust your dentures yourself. No problem is ever too small for us to help you with.That's what we're here for, you will never be bothering us!

      Remember! Tissue Conditioner is
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