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Standard Dentures:

Standard Dentures are a treatment option our office offers. They use older technologies, older equipment, average measurements, and teeth that are made from slightly less durable materials when compared to precision treatment teeth.


However, our office's standard treatment option is much higher than our industry's required standards.


Appointments Required

Tissue conditioner


Bite Registration



Post Insertion Check-up

Adjusting to new dentures does come with some difficulties...

  • Whether a patient has worn dentures for years or this is their first set, there are always some issues to overcome.  A patient may experience some pressure spots that may even cause a small sore. 

  • These can easily be adjusted to alleviate any discomfort. 

  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing is another issue that some patients encounter.   The muscles used in both of these actions get used to having a certain amount of room to perform these functions (either more or less room than with the new dentures.)

  • Overtime, these muscles will get used to functioning around the new dentures.

Please do not get discouraged.  We will be here to assist you every step of the way with your New Dentures.  Never hesitate to contact us if any issues or questions arise.  We want your transition to dentures to be as simple as possible.

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