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Immediate Dentures:

Things You Need To Know...

  • It is very important to follow the post-operative instructions of your Dentist and Denturist.

  • Throughout the entire healing process, your tissues will continue to shrink and your bone will resorb at/near the extraction sites. While this is occurring, your denture will not fit as it should, as your mouth is constantly changing.

  • At this point we will place a Tissue conditioner on the fitted surface of the denture to help stabilize the denture and provide you with a better fit.

  • The 1st Tissue Conditioner is FREE. All required Tissues Conditioners after that will be at the expense of the patient.

  • Once all healing is complete, usually 9 months to a year after extractions, we can proceed with a permanent reline. This is the process of resurfacing the tissue fitted surface of your denture, making it fit precisely to the newly formed, healed tissue of your mouth.

  • Certain esthetic compromises may be necessary because you will not be able to try-in your dentures prior to your extractions. However, this does not present an problems and the results normally make an amazing esthetic and functional difference.

Remember, the experience you go through with your new dentures will be UNIQUE to YOU and to these dentures.

Your mouth constantly changes shape over time. What you experienced last time may not be what you experience this time.

Why Utilize an Immediate Denture?

To avoid ever having to be without teeth, the denturist will take impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present.

By doing this 1st step, your dentures can be fabricated in the likeness of your natural teeth, or we can make any modifications you may wish.

It's best to place dentures immediately following extractions so that you don't get used to the feeling of having no teeth, which would only make adjusting to a denture much more difficult.

Immediate Dentures...
Never be without your smile!
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